Malbolge Unshackled Interpreters

Since the reference interpreter is really slow when it comes to complex Malbolge Unshackled programs, you may want to use an other one.

Malbolge Unshackled Interpreter in C

This interpreter behaves almost like the reference interpreter, but runs faster. Its maximum rotation width is at least 264-1, depending on the value of UINTMAX_MAX of your platform. In any case, this should be more than enough. You can download the source code of the interpreter here: Unshackled.c.

Fixed Rotation Width Interpreter in C

When it comes to really complex Malbolge Unshackled programs like the brainfuck interpreter or the quine-relay, computing time becomes a big deal, while the required rotation width stays low.

This interpreter runs with a fixed rotation width of 20. It need not deal with dynamic rotation width, thus it is much faster that standard compliant interpreters. Download of source code: Unshackled-20.c.

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