Malbolge Assembler

LMAO (Low-level Malbolge Assembler, Ooh!) is a tool that builds Malbolge programs from the low-level assembly language HeLL (Hellish Low-level Language).

HeLL is based on a language called LAL. When I decided to write LMAO, a detailed specification of LAL was not available. Thus, I've decided to create HeLL, which is fairly similar to LAL. Programming in HeLL is still difficult and a bit annoying, but it is much more comfortable than programming in Malbolge directly. If you want to learn how to write your own programs in HeLL, you should take a look at the examples which are part of LMAO. You may also read the specification of LAL (aka L-ASS) to understand the basic idea of both Malbolge assembly languages.

You can download the source of LMAO v0.5.6b here. To build LMAO you will need bison, flex, gcc, and make.
A Windows binary (32 bit, LMAO v0.5.6b) is available, too.

LMAO is released under version 3 of the GNU General Public License.
There may be some bugs in LMAO. If you find one, please send me an email.

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